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I’m Sorry, I Think I May Have Caused the Recession

We all buy in to the (originally at least) collective myth of a global recession. The media told us it was on the way this time last year. They told us it would be global, and profound, and deep and long and serious. They told us, on a 24/7 basis it would be bad and […]

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Winners Think Differently

When most of us decide we need to make a change in our lives, we usually have a certain premise that underlies our decisions. I will do (fill in the blank) when everything lines up. I’ll go on a diet after the New Year, after my birthday, after vacation. I’ll go back to school when […]

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The End of the Recession is Closer Than You May Think

The Federal government announced to the American people that the Recession began back in December of 2007 and was caused by the collapse in real estate and because of a serious banking problem. This was the headline in the papers and on television for weeks after the announcement. From that point on we as Americans […]

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